Bit of a Tailspin 22

I am full of stories from China – and I promise all the pictures have been sorted and are ready to share … but TBH I have been in a bit of a tailspin since I landed. Beyond the absolute exhaustion of the journey, the sorest feet on the planet and the crappiest jet-lag ever […]



Memory Slam Tonight 8pm Watch TV 7

I AM BACK!!!!  But in the middle of dealing with the crappiest jet lag ever.  I can barely string a sentence together today and everything I do is like wading through treacle. I have spent the last week with some of the smartest people on the planet and today I feel like I can’t be […]

The World Memory Championships – Haikou 31

I know …………….. erm!! I’m in China!!! It was all a  bit last minute – with Chinese Visas being collected on Saturday and my Itinerary arriving shortly afterwards. The proposed Monday travel day actually turned out to be a Sunday travel day (good spot there Victoria) and I was literally packed in twenty minutes on […]



Frugal Wardrobe – the layer up T’s 7

Woohoo!!!  Yesterday I hit the heady heights of shopping in Buchanan Street in Glasgow with a girlie friend … we were on a specific hunt for three new T-shirts. Not just any T-shirts …………. well you know that  Sugah would absolutely die if I showed you my Megadeath and Anthrax Tour T-shirts that I sleep […]

The Frugal Wardrobe – The Perfect White Shirt 10

Quickie tonight as I am off to Glasgow tomorrow for some Super Secret Squirrel meetings … and coffee and cake …. that I can fill you all in on when the plans are ready to roll. So between losing a day tomorrow – and supposedly heading to China on Monday (the visa is still not […]



Frugal Wardrobe – the Cosy Layer 14

It’s officially winter up here – the heating has had to go on for 30 minutes in the morning and an hour at night. Its not just that I am tight with money (although I am) but I live in an old Rebel’s Church.  Built in 1860 it’s walls are a good three feet thick […]

Frugal Wardrobe – Simplify Shoes 12

  This was an interesting one to contemplate – cos like most girlies I have quite a few pairs of shoes so paring them down to just a few pairs to use over the next three months was a challenge. By shoes Sugah means the going out and about in your normal day shoes – […]