Smiler’s Update 13

Not so good my lovelies. Tests are back and he has been moved onto stronger chemo, then an infection meant a quick run into hospital and looks like he is in for the weekend. Prayers and candles that he gets out soon … and strength to his family that need all we can spare them […]

Lemon and Ginger cordial 007

Lemon and Ginger Cordial 9   Recently updated !

I am in bed ….  seriously .. tucked up with the electric blanket at “Gas Mark 5!!!” Finally succumbed to the lurgy that has been working its way around my house this week – and I need to sleep it off as tomorrow night is the big meeting at the High School about how much […]

Jamaican Black-eyed Bean and Sweet Potato Curry 5

  One little red-head home with a cold today ….. so its been a “hang around and home and use up what we have in”  kind of day. Big one mentioned at breakfast  that he fancied a curry for dinner … so I was left to stare at the bottom of an admittedly getting rather […]


Is Monday over yet

I’m thinking “Back to Basics” 19

Today has been a little bit …. TBH I think we are coming down with something as the “cranky level” at MFin3 HQ has been set at Defcom “crawl back to bed and pull the duvet over your head”. I feel flat and cold and M’eh!  Usual January mood to be honest .. and I […]

To Absent Friends 5

You know Burns died in 1796 … wonder is they will still be singing our modern songs in 220 years? A song to those we have loved and lost too soon … as requested by my Silver Saltires.  To the men now absent from their lives but never from their hearts and mantlepieces. Grab the […]


Scotch Broth – The Canny Way 7

Tomorrow night we celebrate the birthday of our National Bard …. we have a lot of “celebrations” in Scotland at the dark time of the year.  I guess there is something about gathering together and sharing food and drink when it is cold and dark and nothing is growing that makes sense this far north. […]

Spicy Cajun Wedges 18

Anyone else feeling that this month is never going to end?  Its been a looooong time since payday before Christmas and it definitely feels like there is too much month left at the end of the money this month. Our “£100 for everything” budget for January is holding up just about .. although I am […]