It’s not an Emergency – it’s just change! 3

Thank you all so much for all the tweets, facebook messages and IM’s today in response to the news that my Chemist lodger is on the move this weekend. His lovely lass has got a wonderful opportunity for a teaching placement in the city and I know she will be the most wonderful teacher so […]

enchanted forest


15 minute Christmas Prep 11

So you know I help a lot of people get their plans together in real life and come up with a strategy to get once and forever DEBT FREE? Along they way I have learned so much – I have learned that women in the middle of busting their debt tend to, how can I […]

Spicy Autumn Sunshine Soup – SASSY soup 7

Today has been pretty calm and bright …………… as in “calm before the storm” kind of calm you understand.  In a few hours the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo will be upon us and we have nothing planned for tomorrow that involves driving across any bridges or any country roads. Stay safe my lovelies – it […]



Swedish Christmas Heart 30

Hello Lovelies – again with the dodgy internet ….. and with high winds forecast this week I am not hopeful of staying connected. Its getting chillier!!  Evenings are most definitely spent cuddled up on the sofa and not lounging about the garden these days. So quick little projects that can be rattled through in front […]

Scrappy Yarn Baby Heart Blanket 10

My head is still throbbing …… and if I lie down my sinuses fill up and I feel bleurgh!! So this afternoon I settled down in front of a DVD on the computer to figure out a baby blanket pattern that one of our lovelies had sent me a photograph of. Mostly white ….. but […]


I god a cold id my dose 17

Typical isn’t it? – get a few days off with the boys and then sit down for lunch and think “I feel a little swimmy” Well – its only half seven and I have the scratchy throat, itchy eyes and aching bones …………….. I know what tomorrow will be bringing, that horrible “first day of […]

A cheeky wee Holiday 23

This weekend “Team Colliar” took off right after school and headed north through Perthshire.  It’s been a rough old week school wise for the big lad – loads of things coming to a head and a break away from everything was just the ticket. This weekend also marked my Mum and Dad’s 30th Anniversary (second […]