Just call me Mrs Hulk LOL 26

Forgive me ladies – for I have sinned! I’m a pretty placid kind of gal. No really I am!! Oh I can get riled – if you show me a kid or an animal being mistreated then woe betide you I am there with Mummy Bells on. But what I really mean is that I […]



How come if I am all grown up I still have to do Homework? 9

Just asking? Cos I HATE it!!!! I don’t mean the snuggling down and reading a book with my boys – or even doing some maths and some counting games.  Face it in our house “I Spy” is a religion ………..although our rules are rather less strict (That is my nice Mummy head on – because […]

Feeling my Age …………… 12

………….. now I confess to not being au fait with all the modern gadgets and technology – but I am learning. I am eternally grateful to have a teenager in the house. I can now podcast and videocast for pretty much free using stuff I have found on the web – I can catch up […]

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round in circles

Some Days ….. 19

…………… it can get a bit like “Ground Hog Day” here!!! I’m beginning to realise that although every family has a different “Debt Story” there are certain themes that play over and over again. One of my friends came in for coffee today – bearing a load of glass jars that she buys full of […]

STOP!!! and give me ten! 17

Now listen here to your pal Elaine!!!  This sounds so simple but it makes a HUGE difference to my life. I want you to pinkie swear promise me that you will read through this and give it a try …. dive right on in and see how this one little habit can make a huge […]

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Bargain Bagels 43

I can buy four bagels from the local supermarket for £1.60.  Not an utter fortune to most people but our total food bill week in week out is only £25 so proportionally it’s something that we would consider carefully. The thing is ………. every since the first chewy mouthful of  a freshly baked morsel on […]

Burying your head in the sand 12

We have all been there …. when the brown stuff hit the whirly thing and you retreated behind your front door, slammed it shut and waited every day in horror as the postie brought bad, worse and finally catastrophic news in little innocuous brown envelopes. It’s a time of my life I am not proud […]