A new member to our wee family 10

Welcome to October ………….. known in our house as “Stoptober”. Stoptober is a month where we focus on using up all our odds and sods in the cupboards and eating out of our stores and our freezer. I set a £100 budget for the whole month for food and other spending and we go hard […]



Simply does it 9

Tuesdays are my “bete noir” ………….. everything that happens in our house happens on a Tuesday.  With swimming lessons and homework thrown into the mix I am usually pretty darn frazzled when it comes to getting dinner on the table for my brood. Now – what is on the menu?  Roasted Butternut squash risotto!!  Easy […]

Mind your language 14

  Kind words are never wasted though falling on deaf ears somehow each word is treasured and can become more dear The day will come that someone is having a hard time then they will be recalling that kind word you once chimed Don’t hesitate to utter a word to cheer a friend it’s stored […]



Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover 23

I mentioned yesterday about the “Fuel Fund” that is in the process of being launched here – a stash of cash to help those who run out of money for fuel cards in the winter that is fast approaching (pretty parky this morning as I was hanging out the washing) Strikes me that us crafty […]

The News Where You Are …. 14

I’ve grown up a lot in the last couple of years – really stepped up and taken on responsibility for my wee family and for creating a better future for them.  Politically, Socially, Emotionally I am much more mature. But when you cast off some of those old patterns you are forced to confront the […]

Glasgow Foodbank 3


Big Girl Knickers on Ladies!! 29

  Today has been full of fending questions on personal finance from all and sundry (mainstream media I am looking at you!!!) How will THIS affect people … how will THAT affect people ……..none of it very pleasant to contemplate if truth is to be told.  The reality is (without the sugar coating) that we […]

Dirty Stop-out!!!! 36

Well more like a dirty stop-in!!!     Just as I was chucking the red-head at his duvet last night (and hoping he would stick) I had a visitor ….. a visitor of the “real friends” variety. One of those that you can miss seeing one another for a year and then pick up the […]