I’m Thinking of doing this ….. 10

    What do you think?  Now ….. just pause a moment whilst the regular male readers of this blog head for the hills ROLF! (bye bye Ian, Jack, Andy and John  ) Now before you all start shopping for hats ……………… it’s the geeky methodology that she talks about that I LOVE!!! I love […]


It’s been a very Good Friday 25

Because the sun was forecast to be out and  you know our mantra “the sun is out and so are we!!”  Grandma suggested taking the boys and the bikes out to Loch Leven as the footpath all the way around the loch is now finished. Not that we were attempting to ride all the way […]

Taking Action 22

Less than 24 hours after the “Easter Egg Bag” tutorial went live and already the photos are appearing!!  How cute is this print one?  The Super-Sewer also attached a rather sweet email: Sistercas Says: This is a fabulous tutorial, I am a novice at sewing , but I thought I’d have a go with an […]

New Picture


Kids Bag – the Perfect Easter Make 23

Frugal means lots of forward planning to my mind – getting your menu plan made so that you can make a shopping list so that you can shave a few quid off your grocery budget so you can pay your debt down faster. Its all little steps that link up to make huge results. Some […]

YOU did this!!! TEDS for Zimbabwe Update 23

Hi Elaine, last week we finally made it to the Mashumba School in the rural area of Southern Matebeleland. Bulawayo and the surrounding areas have received good rain this year, the first good rains for 10 years, the landscape was the greenest I’ve ever seen in this part of the world.  The children we met […]

2014-04-09 11.20.16

The Procrastination Diet Challenge 69

We are a couple of weeks into April ……………. and I am feeling a bit “Meh!!”.  Not “Black Dog” kind of “Meh!” but more that I miss the buzz and excitement that I got from last months “Side Hustle Challenge”. Everything is meandering on as it should – I am holding the budget steady and […]

Frugal Indulgence – Maple and Walnut Granola 12

Well ……………….sometimes a girl can get just a little hacked off with all this frugality Donchaknow!! Maple and Walnut Granola sounds like I could be at a posh Scottish Spa Hotel – all tartan rugs and log fires.  Its not an everyday treat in our house that’s for sure but that’s mainly because shop-bought granola […]