International Author Doncha know?? 8

You know some days just take your breath away ………… sometimes the Universe just sends you such a lovely message that you have to sit down, make the second cup of coffee and just gaze lovingly at what arrived in the post. Any Ideas??? Its a copy of my book “The Student Survival Guide” translated […]

SSG Thai Edition


Homegrown Feast – Vegan Cheese Sauce 16

Looks like things didn’t stand still in the garden when we were away … the weeds have rocketed up massively and its been too darn hot to pop outside today to do any weeding so as soon as I wrap up here I am off to do some work in the cool of the evening. […]

Fat Free Vinaigrette 22

I know I still owe you all some photos of the holiday ……… but as I was compiling the folders today I suddenly realised what a lot of lovely packed lunch photos I had…. and that most of them involved a side salad with a little pot of dressing lurking. See the pink pot?   […]


Gone ….. Parroting!! 6

Tonight THIS is happening all around the world. And I am taking my Big Lad to the theatre to watch a live Simulcast of the remaining Pythons broadcast LIVE!!!! I know, I know …… Geeks abound But we can’t wait. Fill you in on our adventures later my lovelies.      

A Landmark Day 15

As a surprise we took the wee one to a place we had visited last year when we spent a few days in Aviemore, Landmark Forest Park.  A kids playground set in a forest with masses of activities for active kids. He  has talked about it often since then declaring it to be the favourite […]



The Ghosts of Culloden Moor 21

What we didn’t realise when we booked the caravan up here just outside Inverness …. was that we are literally smack dab next door to Culloden Moor.  Well it would have been rude not to pay a visit wouldn’t it? The Battle of Culloden Moor is infamous for a few reasons … it was the last […]

Woohoo! Are you there Nessie? 14

Tell that Jack Black chappy we want our money back LOL  A whole day on Loch Ness and not a sniff of a Monster!!  Mind you we did have more types of weather than you can shake a stick at so we saw it at its very best ….. and its rainy worst. There is […]