Apparently there has been an upgrade of the theme that is used on the blog … and now it is all over the place. I have my head inside the manual .. but I think it may be beyond my technical abilities. I think I may have to choose a […]

Yeah I don’t know either … 13

The plan is to be better at planning today … unlike yesterday when I thought “7.30 meeting I will be home by 8.30 and then I can post on the blog” Well …. slightly longer meeting and then a big boy that needed to sit and chat when I got […]


In Praise of Packed Lunches 12

….. who ordered more winter? Honestly if you could hear the wind howling around my house tonight you would think that I was Dorothy and we were about to take off for OZ. Today has been Sunny, Rainy, Windy … full of sudden squalls and hailstones and fierce gales. Still […]

So own up then …. 21


Do you know this is the most common asked question on the “Contact Me” button on this site! Without wanting to be too snarky about it …. You are kidding me – right?  Look back through my posts and you will see that we eat A LOT … seriously I […]


So what do we eat? 12

Do  you know the thing I love best about the internet?  The fact that I am able to keep up with my friends from all over the planet in real time. As soon as something fabulous happens I can hear about it and can celebrate too. Since my trip to […]

China Calling …. 17


Today I had to pop over to Edinburgh for a training session on some software we need to be able to use within the constituency.  Its not just that I will need to be able to use it but I will need to be able to teach others to use […]


Aff Tae Auld Reekie 9

Seriously don’t know where this week has gone … I am sure it was Monday morning just a few hours ago and already I am looking towards Friday. Its got stupidly busy here at MFin3 HQ …..and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am completely out of the […]

Transferable Skills 13