Transferable Skills 3

Seriously don’t know where this week has gone … I am sure it was Monday morning just a few hours ago and already I am looking towards Friday. Its got stupidly busy here at MFin3 HQ …..and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am completely out of the habit of spending any money […]


Big Angie

TADA!!!! 10   Recently updated !

So … one of the super secret squirrel projects that has been simmering has just popped its cork!!     My talented pal Kevin from Glasgow is really going to hit the big time – headlining this year at Gay Pride and off on a stellar trajectory. Now – she is loud, she is brash, she […]

Calling the Tooth Fairy 6

((waves hello))  Oh boy – if you were up with us last night you would have heard the most horrendous storm .. naturally the internet went off.  The joys of living in a rural area I suppose. Well today was shaping up to be a No Spend Day … I find the best strategy for […]

Rowan tooth fairy

May you live in interesting times 16

Oh Boy!! So much for a quiet end to the week … slipping slowly into the weekend with a peeling off of bra’s and kicking off of shoes …… come on ladies, I do it, you do it … we all do it!!!! Yesterday I didn’t think  that things could get any more exciting after […]

Japan – Scotland – Wall Street Journal 10

Bit of a busy one tonight – its only ten weeks to the General Election and tonight I was out at the AGM for our local party. Oh – and I sold £78 pieces of tablet for a quid each in aid of funds – WAHEYYY!! Forget your fancy fund raising dinners with the hoi-polloi […]

tablet tin

piggie bank

Return of the Whiteboard 17

I spent some money today – quite a lot of money for this Mum at this time of the month … and February too! Now – no panicking, the money was budgeted for and set aside in cash and as my big lad had made his selections as to the subjects he is planning on […]

Time to Choose 21

This is another one of these post’s that I need to preface with the fact that I am in utter denial that my eldest is old enough to be thinking about his High School options. I mean I can relate to the fact he is growing up on a day to day basis – I […]