It’s Still an Abundant World After All

Ok – I know we are in the middle of a World-Wide Recession – but you know what?, there is actually nothing I personally can do to solve this particular problem on a global scale!  I just hope and pray that some dynamic and brave leader steps up, grabs the reins and starts, well, “leading” us out of this mess.

So I could sit at home, be a “Single Mom on Benefits”.  I could have a “basics” life, but you know what I would still be more affluent than most of the world.

My children have access to great schools, great Universities (if they knuckle down they can get there on merit).  We can get hold of practically any book through our library service, our rubbish is collected and disposed of for us.  Our water is clean and clear – no child of mine plays “Russian Roulette” with their lives every time they take a drink.

The web provides access to so much more free information – and has created the ability for my children to keep up with friends and family all over the planet.

When I look around my home – and I see the space we actually have as a family (when I was brought home from hospital it was to a single-end” that was the size of my living room.

We have two televisions, two computers, a freezer, a washing machine, a microwave – even one generation ago this would have been untold riches here in Britain.  Throughout a lot of the rest of the world we would naturally be regarded as “rich”

So although my two boys are (by all official Government Figures) being “raised in poverty” – that’s not our experience of living here in this house.

Instead my boys are being raised to regard the world as abundant and full of possibilities.

Fingers crossed that the Western World doesn’t have to wait until my two are grown to find leaders that are content to be thankful first for what they have instead of playing the blame game and focusing on lack.

A feeling of abundance leaves you open to seeing the opportunities that are around us every day – thousands of them, and that I think is how you go about growing men for the future, and maybe even growing an economic future for the world too.


  1. maisie says

    this is so true.

    what makes me “laugh” is the “average wage” the government and their bods keep quoting; the majority of families aren’t anywhere near that even with top up benefits of WTC and CTC.

    personally DH would need to be working permanent double hours to be be anywhere near and Dh is on a decent hourly rate

    so the question begs average for whom?

  2. Elaine Colliar says

    A great question – all I can do is “do the best with what I have” – and surprisingly enough that is fairly good now that have a good few skills learned and conquered.

    Enough of Politicians and Spin Doctors – we know we are in a rough econmy and we are rolling up sleeves and getting on with it regardless.

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