Denim Jeans to Apron Tutorial

Do you remember the “how many cool things can you make from a pair of jeans challenge?”

Well these have been staring at me all week whilst I waited for inspiration.

Denim Apron 002

Along with a pile of stripy pink scraps left over from a quilt top, that I have sewn together into a long strip.

Denim Apron 001

So ………….. snip! snip!   Cut off the other leg – I will find something to do with the rest later.

Denim Apron 003

Folded the seams so that they laid one on top of the other and gave the central back fold a heavy iron.

Denim Apron 004

Then I cut down the fold …………………………

Denim Apron 005

And opened up the leg.  The bottom of the jeans is at the top of the picture with the thigh at the bottom.  I love how the shaped pieces make the fabric swoop out in an arc.

Denim Apron 006

Right sides together and using the bottom seam of the jeans as the top of the apron I mark on the armhole curves. You can just about see the pencil marks.  Cut the armhole curves out ……………………..

Denim Apron 007

…………and now its beginning to look a lot like an apron!!

Denim Apron 008

I want to bind the apron with the pink scraps – so I cut off the remaining part of the hem of the jeans to make the top easier to sew as it will be less thick.

Denim Apron 009

Using a scrap I cut a big patch pocket for the front of the apron – well you always need a pocket in an apron don’t you?

Then I attach one side of the patchwork binding …………….

Denim Apron 010

Before ironing it around the pocket onto the wrong side where I catch it with a few hand stitches to hold in place ………………….

Denim Apron 011

Before pinning and sewing the pocket on firmly.

Denim Apron 012

I have sewn 5mm in from the edge of the pocket and then also sewn “in the ditch” as close to  the binding as possible to make the pocket extra strong and secure.

Denim Apron 013

Then I bound all around the outside of the apron with the pink binding.  You don’t need to do this – you could just turn a small hem all the way around but this apron is a girlie one and I wanted PINK!!!!

Denim Apron 014

I am loving how the seams from the jeans have created a lovely “Princess Line” down the front of the apron (which makes you look thinner donchaknow??)

Denim Apron 018

I happen to have some upholstery tape – which is the perfect thing for creating ties for aprons, but you could create some denim ones out of your leftover jeans or even make some that match your binding. #Make Do and Mend LOL

Denim Apron 016

Make sure you sew them on securely – I go forward and reverse on my machine a few times to make sure – after all this is the part of the apron that takes the strain.

TA-DA   one denim and patchwork trimmed apron …………….

Denim Apron 017

Which was just what she wanted (one of our Playleaders so of course I am not showing her face )

Denim Apron 015

Now what could be more practical around kids than an apron made from denim?

Big pocket for a packet of tissues and of course the fabric will only get softer and more lived in the more often it goes through the wash.

It’s a decent size as well – covers all the “splash zones” and short enough not to get caught when you are on your knees playing with short people.

Even better – it was FREE!!!!!   Told you this frugal lark didn’t have to be horrid LOL. And its lovely to be able to make a gift of something lovely without having to dip into your food budget to do so.

So project two from the jeans ……………… and I am already busy making something from the back yoke of the jeans which I shall show you when I finish (Ok!!! I will show you if it works    Its kind of a work in progress idea at the moment)

I am really enjoying the creativity in working with an already collected stash of crafting materials – its certainly getting me to think in different ways………….. and of course its always lovely to be able to contribute something to the people who care for my wee one every day.

So what “Make Do and Mend” projects are you guys up to this month?




  1. Courgette says

    This month I’ve put us on really strict cupboard plundering food rations and am really enjoying the challenge of coming up with new meal ideas! 

    • says

      When you get off automatic pilot and really start looking at what you have in it is shocking how many meals we can come up with isn’t it?

      It had broken me out of my comfort zone and really got me thinking about our food all over again – should really do this a couple of times a year.  Think of the savings.

  2. Elaine M says

    Oooooh me likes that a lot. Love that its denim and so durable and hard wear yet soft……… I didnt mend any fabric this week but I did mend my venitian blind.

  3. Kittie says

    Great idea, and nice “princess” shape. I’m thinking about using denim to toughen up or make slippers for my litttle girl – my mum knitted some lovely bootie-slippers, big size felted to shrink, then latex-painted to protect soles, but daughter holed them within a couple of months. Seems a shame after the effort in making them. And shop-bought ones fall apart, not worth buying when something sturdy could be made from old jeans. Gym-shoes are too sensible/boring for the wee monkey, who just kicks them off. How do you get your little one to keep house-shoes on?

    • says

      I’ve used shapes cut out of a 99p suede jacket before so I know what you mean.  You need something tough.

      No shoes in our house – he won’t keep them on.  He has been wearing his hand knitted socks from Ruth recently ………… they are a big hit.  

  4. Dippymama says

    Love the apron. Frugal, practical & cute! What more could you ask for? This week I’m knitting dolls clothes out of left over sock yarn (present for a friend’s daughter) and some phone cases from DK stash for a charity tombola.

    • says

      That’s a great idea – maybe I have enough bits to knit some small cases.  Need to make two “boy gifts” for this weekend so will be hitting the sewing machine today again.

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