Ten Second Mayonnaise

Not kidding, fresh and homemade! Ten second mayonnaise, so you can wow all of your friends and avoid the unpronounceables in the store variety.

Seriously!!!!!!!! Make mayonnaise in ten seconds – and I don’t mean by opening up the door of the fridge, grabbing a jar and twisting.

I mean MAKING mayonnaise in ten seconds!!

The thing I love best about this recipe is the look of utter disbelief  you get when standing next to a Chef in my  home kitchen and you offer to help them finish preparing the BBQ they are creating. (Glen – you know who you are mate!!)

Smugly they point towards this:

Ten second Mayo 001

and hand you a bowl and a balloon whisk – and ask if you would “consider making some mayonnaise, please,if you would be so kind, thank-you!!!”

Because everyone knows that the making of mayo in a professional kitchen is a “punishment” exercise meted out by Chef to those who have greatly displeased him   The sheer laborious slog of emulsifying egg yolk and lemon juice, dripping the oil into the mixture a dribble at a time while beating the hell out of it with a wire balloon whisk.
Even at home with a food processor it is still a faff – as the blades whir and you try to resist the temptation to pour the oil in too fast in case it splits ……. as it often does. Grrrrr!!!!!   Never splits when they show you on the telly does it??

His face when I measured all my ingredients into a plastic jug:

Ten second Mayo 001



That is:


  • 1 whole egg (yes the whole one not just the egg yolk)
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 0.5 tsp dry mustard
  • 2tbsp lemon juice
  • 250 ml oil (I used light virgin but an veg oil would be OK)

Ten second Mayo 002


I leaned over and popped the stick blender into the jug.Ten second Mayo 003


Whizzed for ten seconds ………………..Ten second Mayo 004


MAYONNAISE!!!!!………….. and whilst he was still staring at me in bewilderment I carefully scooped the mayo into a serving jar………….Ten second Mayo 005


………….. as I passed him a spoon to sample!!! With my own wee smirk of course.

Look at that pillowy loveliness!!!  and it passed the Chef’s taste test too LOL.  Although I don’t think for one minute he will be passing this technique onto the trainees at work tomorrow!!!  Grumpy sod!!!

But seriously – a homemade mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment to so many lovely things …………. it elevates a hardboiled egg into a chi-chi 1970′ starter, a handful of new potatoes into potato salad – or pimped with some raw crushed garlic makes the perfect “Grown up nibbles” alongside a plate of crudites and olives ….. aioli in seconds!!!

So excuse me but the men (my two littlies and three bigger ones complete with wifes and bottles of beer) are calling for me to come and eat a “monster burger” – water buffalo  patty,mayo, onions in a sourdough roll …………….. I may be some time!!!!

Whattareyouguyshavingfordinner???   Mouth full ……………..Sorry!!!




  1. Allegra says

    Bottom-of-the-fridge orzotto.  Well, it was piddling down with rain and I was in need of comfort.  Barley, HM chicken stock, a finely chopped red onion, the bottom of a monster AF tin of peas, some finely chopped radish thinnings, a scrag end of blue cheese (courtesy of a Waitrose Weekend voucher) and a sprinkling of parmesan (ditto)…. I am stuffed now.

  2. says

    This is even quicker than what I do, I’ll be giving this a go next time fore sure :-)
    You just can’t beat homemade mayo can you!!
    (Haha, I just read that back – YES you can beat it with a stick blender of course ….Lol :-) )

  3. noynoyavery says

    Have never made mayo..looks simple, i make lemon curd a lot that really easy and fast! We had jacket potatoes from the slow cooker, beans and cheese nothing fab as we had double school run today/tonight.

    • says

      We did the same (DS1 and I) …………… but we are already up to Christmas with prepped meals so looking for huge savings on our food until then too.

      Will pop over now.

  4. Nannis mum says

    HM quick (very quick) tomato sauce, pasta, olives and a sprinkling of cheese. We have been out for a very on long day doing lots of new exciting things, we have only just walked in the door and this can be on the table in less 10 minutes and the children are guaranteed to eat it. Wish I was with you Elaine your dinner sounds awesome. 
    Thank you for this recipe for stress free mayo, I’ll add this to my ever expanding list of things Elaine has demonstrated/talked about/mentioned in passing that I wish to try. 

    • says

      The Buffalo burgers were a gift from local farmer to my Cheffy pal- and they were lovely – just like burgers should taste……………….. I must confess to dribbling mayo down my shirt though :-)

  5. says

    My mayonnaise is made that way!  I only like Hellmans of the bought stuff and we don’t use enough to go through a jar fast enough.  I’ve even tried freezing it to make it last – DON’T!
    Tonight we had roast veg.  Courgette (Zucchini), red bell pepper, mushrooms, sweet potato, garlic, tomatoes. Oh, and a few spears of asparagus while the local stuff is still with us. I threw a few chunks of Feta Cheese in at the end.

    All cooked in 1 disposable aluminium dish (which will be used again tomorrow for stuffed aubergine (eggplant).
    Minimum washing up. Minimum attention in the cooking.

  6. Victoria says

    We used up yet more of the AF mountain – wraps (AF) smeared with tomato puree (AF), add some chopped onion, peppers, artichokes (AF), grilled courgettes in oil (AF), anchovies (not AF but ancient), mozzarella, olives (AF). Shove in oven for 10 minutes (or grill for 4). Lightweight pizza…
    Followed by chocolate, almond and cherry cake with either creme fraiche or swedish glace for the dairy-free lot. 
    Managed to get rid of most of the cake too by getting people to take it home, so there isn’t too much more going into the freezer! I need to do a stocktake and join Elaine’s storecupboard challenge in earnest. 

  7. Cherie says

    Due to heath issues, I have to make alot of my food from scratch. I am no kitchen princess (my family call my scones lovingly stones…….)  and the idea of making my own mayo was offputting at first coz I always was told it was difficult. I got stuck in and it worked fine. I use sunflower oil and a slug of olive, that works better for me. Also all my ingredients are at room temp, the oil must not be too warm either. I add a clove of garlic sometimes or lemon zest. As the days go by the taste of both gets stronger. I add salt after the mayo has formed, after a tip on a cokkery show, as salt dissolves food to fluid. I also add more oil if its not getting thicker. That works too. I enjoy all your recipes Elaine, you have a great balance between work and play too! Glad your back is getting better.

    • says

      Back is miles better Cherie – but even more important so is my mood.  I feel ready for some bigger and better challenges now that the pain has gone ……….. and fun!!! lots more fun!!!!

  8. says

    Woah Elaine, I just tried making this, still in state of shock http://mortgagefreeinthree.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif now looking forward to serving up homemade wedges and aioli for his nibs when he comes home, thankyou http://mortgagefreeinthree.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif
    mel xx

  9. Terry says

    OMG!!!!! I am just blown away…I have tried many so called easy homemade mayo recipes over the years and to my dismay i FAILED at making any into mayo, just an oily soupy mess. Buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt this recipe was 100% fail proof easy and now I do not have to worry about running out of mayo again. Thank you thank you a million times thank you.

    • says

      Your welcome Terry – its a neat trick isn’t it? – and you aren’t left with a random egg white like the other recipes. Its the “never fail” method that I come back to time and time again.

  10. Pooky says

    Mayo has always scared me…..making it that is, eating it is easy peesy lemon squeezy….(pun intended).  I shall definitely have a go at the homemade version this week. Thanks!
    As for dinner…..a glass of wine and a box of chocciesI covered all food groups, yes?

    • says

      Only if the chocs are chocolate covered cherries or chocolate orange- then you got one of your five a day LOL.

      Let us know how you get on Pooky – its definitely the “least faffiest”method I have come across.

  11. Sam says

    Hi All http://mortgagefreeinthree.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif
    I tried to make this twice and both attempts failedhttp://mortgagefreeinthree.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cry.gif!!! I ended up with a gloopy mess no matter how much i whizzed.
    What am i doing wrong? HELP ME lol 

  12. says

    I’m sugar free for September and so have just tried this as all the commercial mayos have the white stuff in … fab! Tastes good, worked a treat. :)

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