50 Shades of Kondo …..


Who would have thought that such a little wee book would have caused such a stir in our midst. My feeds have been alive all say with people merrily filling bin bags and folding t-shirts .. only one has confessed to thanking her socks (but she is a runner so enough said – already a […]

The Konmari Method


My dearest wish is that someone (anyone!! … are you listening Mother?) would just come into my house and whisk away everything that we do not need and leave us with a plain and simple way of living. But I have kids, and pets and lodgers and I craft  and I work from home and […]

The February Fling Challenge

Declutter snip

So all the chatter today has been about de-cluttering and getting a hop on Spring Cleaning by getting rid of the “stuff” lying around our homes. I know we have done 30 day declutter challenges in the past – and so I was asked to run something similar throughout February to help us get a […]