Mar 232012

This isn’t the post I had intended for today – today I planned to warble on about getting the rooms ready for my lodgers to be and the budgets I have allocated to do so (not very much if you want the honest truth).

Yesterday I asked a question  – and this morning this message was in my inbox.  It completely re-organised my day for me in lots of ways, made me sit down and think very seriously about why I am on here and what value I can bring.

You see – if truth be told, when I write on here I pretty much write as if I am talking to a little group of friends – today I found out that that there is a whole squad of people checking in and reading who don’t say a word – until this morning that is.

Something, said somewhere, inspired this lady to put fingers to keyboard and make a few cracking suggestions about our journey over the next three years. I promised not to “out” here  though, so she remains “Anon” – but only for the moment I hope.

Enough from me, in her own words:

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